Pelagia Couple

The villa has two terraces where you can soak up the sun and admire the scenery. The main terrace has access from the sitting room
through double patio doors and faces the sea. A path leads down from here to the Jacuzzi on the cliff edge.

The other terrace faces out over the bay and has access by double patio doors
from the sitting room and from the bedroom.

Designed to be ideal for a couple.
The entrance hall sets the tone of the décor with the sitting room to the right and the bathroom and bedroom to the left.

A beautiful sitting room with a fireplace has patio doors onto both terraces.

The atmosphere is mellow and harmonious with a strong ‘natural’ feeling
generated by the combination of the stone walls, wooden floors and furnishings and the timber ceiling.

There is also a TFT 32’’ TV and CD-DVD system.

The kitchen is set in an alcove on the side of the room and blends easily with the décor.

It has all modern kitchen conveniences, including a dishwasher, full cooker/oven, fridge, kettle, cafetierre etc.

The bathroom features a full-size ‘massage’ bath with shower, wooden surrounds and furnishings
and a mixture of plastered walls and exposed stone.

A washing machine with dryer is provided.

Decoration: Natassa Pouli

The bedroom, like the sitting room, is a mellow combination of wooden floor and ceilings with both stone and plaster walls.
A double patio door leads to the terrace.

A small safe is provided to secure cash, valuables and passports.